You dont have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.


When we founded RetailOmni, we wrote down a challenging mission. It was: "combining dijital truths with commercial realities"

Since we set up our first desks in the office with few notebooks, we have kept this promise strongly thanks to our founders' commercial and digital experience and RetailOmni’s great team.

It is a proud to observe that our promise has a strong response from the market. After each and every project, our clients sincerely confirmed that:

  • RetailOmni is a real challenger when the subject is User Experience.
  • RetailOmni deals with solid issues,
  • RetailOmni solves the root core problems,
  • RetailOmni never talks trendy/sexy digital jargons.
  • RetailOmni perfectly matches commercial and digital while transforming needs.

We have setup a great team short after RetailOmni was founded. Now, we are many to strengthen clients'

Our talent is to transform.

Now, the turn is ours to do so. Like in the nature, a beautiful butterfly flies to the universal beauties after its pupa stage; RetailOmni is sailing to broader beauties by a new brand Pupahouse.

Pupahouse is the name of our great team (Pupa) and is the name of projects we build as concrete success (House).

Dear client and dear competitor,

Please always remember that: Pupahouse keeps the same promise of the first day. Pupahouse compromises only on behalf of User Experience. Pupahouse team has an oath to execute digital transformation with commercial realities.

Let's meet on now!


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